Oh, but I’ve missed you…

I just haven’t had anything to say. All I want to talk about is my baby and I don’t want this to turn into a baby blog. I have a good angel on one side that says this blog should be organic and should develop into whatever it does in a natural way. I have the devil on the other side that is already calling me a baby bore and telling me that if I write about babies, no one will ever want to read this blog.

My main driver for starting this blog was getting my recipes down on a place where I could access them from anywhere. So I’m in a supermarket and have forgotten the ingredients for tonight’s dinner? No problemo, I’ll just check my blog. Had I thought for a long time about how I would pass down my recipes to my children and grandchildren? Without a doubt and having this website seemed an up to date way to do it.

Do I want my friends and family to know what’s happening in my life? I sure do! Do I want my kids and grand kids to be able to gain a similar window into our lives? Absolutely! So what makes it so hard to talk about this baby? Don’t I think my baby would want to know how I felt about her, while she’s still inside me? Why would I try to hide such a huge part of my life?

I’ve been blocked on this blog for a while. There’s a lot happening that just can’t make it onto these pages and I want this to be a happy blog, but it’s hard when there’s so much crappy stuff happening. But there’s so much to be thankful for too. It’s just tricky to separate it all out and compartmentalize it. Happily, I have new hobbies in my near future and what started as a cooking blog may just develop into a woodworking, quilting, sewing blog too. I have so many projects in my head, I don’t know where to start!

I have the wood in the shed, and all the tools in their boxes. They await me mysteriously. I have the material in my (now huge) sewing box calling me to the sewing machine. And I have the baby space in our room, standing empty, awaiting furniture and some kind of decoration. It eyeballs me every morning, challenging me to do something with it and stop fannying about!

And finally, we have the chickens in the shed, clucking away, waiting for us to build the henhouse and set them free into the real world. Their lamp is casting a boring red hue and they deserve to peck in the real earth, with fresh air and a roosting box each to call their own. Don’t worry, they’re getting that first thing tomorrow!

Oh, and I almost forgot! We have the seedlings which are even now trying to burst out of the confines of their teeny tiny pots and put down roots in the earth proper! They’ll go in tomorrow too…

Pshaw?!? I just haven’t had anything to say? I have lots to say. I just have to take the self inflicted hand off my own mouth and talk about everything we are doing like I used to. There’s lots going on and most of it is good and joyful and worthy of sharing. So prepare yourselves… I’ve missed you xxx

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