Double chocolate chip cranberry muffins


I’ve been making this recipe since I discovered it at Christmas. It is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten – moist, delicious chocolate chips, bursts of slightly sour cranberry juices, which somehow complement each other beautifully. You can use frozen cranberries for this (I’m still using ones I bought fresh and froze at Christmas) but you could try other fruits too like blueberries for the same burst of amazing-ness. I’ve been delayed putting this on the blog because it doesn’t photograph well. ¬†Close up and in person, it’s irresistible, on a photo, I think it looks a bit… meh… but take my word for it, try it… and you’ll be making it on a regular basis. I found on an amazing website –, which is worth a visit for sure! Nicole’s recipe calls this a bread, which is brilliant and follows the same recipe. I tried it in cupcake cases, both large and small and found it cooks much quicker, but is also easier to handle. So you can make it in any size you want, but you should definitely make it!


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