hot pink coveralls anyone…?

I’ve never been a girly girl per se. My obsession with all things hot pink came to me in my twenties, but as I progressed towards middle age (yeech, did I just say that?) I saw the cooking spirit emerge and housemates and boyfriends told me that I was a bit of a clean freak, so I kind of thought that it was just the stereotypical woman in me and that it wasn’t really something I could escape from.

Then I started this blog and I found out how much I enjoyed writing my thoughts down and to be honest, I saw all kinds of different future avenues opening up to me. I daydreamed about the life as a professional blogger. I fantasized far too much about the day I would open a restaurant and what it would look like and the fabulous food we would serve.

Meeting Handsome also opened up a new world for me and with all the different things that have happened to us lately, I now see myself as someone completely different to the person I was three years ago even. I have more strength and patience than I ever imagined possible and the ability to make the best of any situation. The girl I was three years ago would have cried Uncle and run back home long before now!

And now I am pregnant, with four months left until D-Day ( Delivery Day to the rest of us). Handsome has been mocking my rather unfortunate nesting obsession recently, but he bears it very well, fetching me sofas from the garage to try in this space, rearranging that cupboard, and supporting all my latest fads… Which brings me back to my girly-ness, which manifested itself in all its glory last month with this rather fetching quilt for baby girl.

There is so much pink fabric in our dining room, I’m surprised Handsome hasn’t moved out!


So why oh why do I find myself obsessed now with the very thought of woodworking? I have some previous limited experience in working with wood, since I bought a dining table and benches, needed them to match, so sanded them down and re-stained them the same finish. Not exactly a beginning that promises great things to come?

Then this girl gets on the old interweb, looks up a few woodworking websites and before you know it, I’ve spent 500 bucks on tools and I have some wood piled up in the shed ready to get my groooooooove oooooooonnnnn…

First project will be a stand for the bassinet. Part of this interest in woodworking comes from the realization that the stand you could pay 50-100 bucks for, costs just 10 bucks in materials… Seriously? Who wouldn’t just make it themselves?

But in the back of my mind, buried not too deep, I have to confess that I have bookmarked the plan for bookcases, and rocking chairs, and bed frames, and kitchen islands and every other imaginable thing. And I’m a bit ashamed to admit that even before I have got the mitre saw out of the box, I am picturing myself selling my fantastically designed and handmade pieces on etsy ( what the heck is a mitre saw anyway?).

Sheesh, you take blind ambition, a smidge of creativity and a DIY store up the road and suddenly I think I could be the next ikea!

I promise to put recipes on the blog this weekend… I have a stack of them ready to go, but it’s hard to concentrate when there’s quilts to be made and jig saws to learn how to use!

And as for worrying about losing my girly-ness, I will make sure that my first pair of overalls (coveralls) are a fantastic shade of hot pink…

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