Damp ginger cake

Hello… it’s been a while… not a lot of inspiration in my recent endeavors… but never fear, this one doesn’t ever stop cooking and this weekend was geared up for a great weekend of baking to treat me and Handsome’s workplaces to a bit of Christmas cheer. Each of these recipes is quick to prepare, easy to bake or cook, and then great cut up into small pieces to give as gifts or treats for your friends, family or colleagues. I do hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas!

By the way, this is a Delia Smith recipe. I think she is the goddess of desserts and Christmas goodness, so I happily¬†haven’t changed it.. Long live Delia! This damp ginger cake is quick and easy and so lusciously delicious, you’ll go back again and again. Try it with a cup of earl grey for Christmas heaven…

Damp Ginger Cake
Damp Ginger Cake


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