Roasted cherry tomato pizza


Sometimes the best ideas come out of nowhere. We had a massive surplus of cherry tomatoes at the end of the summer and we couldn’t eat them fast enough. Handsome had been saying that he was craving pizzas, so I had a couple of ready to bake pizza bases in the cupboard, plus I had some lovely fresh buffalo mozzarella hanging out in the refrigerator with no recipe in mind. Add to this some fresh basil from my garden and I started to get an idea… I thought about doing some fresh tomato sauce for the pizza, using basil and chopping up the tomatoes in the food processor, but it seemed such a waste of the beautiful little tomatoes that I knew I had to do them more justice. Cue the idea for roasted tomato pizza. This was far better than we could have hoped for. And it was so FRESH! All these lovely summer flavors on one hot and savory bread base. If you have any tomatoes left, try this now!


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