roast lamb with double garlic and rosemary…


I wanted to share this in the spring, but lamb is so expensive here that I was buying smaller cuts, which never turned out quite right. This recipe deserves to be made for lots and lots of people, with the biggest leg of lamb you can find. This gives the garlic pieces poked inside plenty of time to cook through and infuse their flavor into the surrounding meat, so that the lucky person who gets a bite with a carmelized shard of garlic gets an unexpected roast garlic taste explosion that they won’t forget. This is a mixture of a Jamie Oliver and a Delia Smith recipe. Delia goes for the little shards of rosemary and garlic inside, Jamie promotes a sticky rich garlic rosemary glaze on the outside. I think the sweet and delicate lamb gets a boost from both, and ever greedy, I can’t make my mind up which is best, so I just combined them, to excellent results!


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