wage war against the machines…

It’s official. My head’s going to explode. Nothing bloody works. I can’t get any work done because the computer is waging a war against me that I will never… ever… ever… be able to win.

Yes everybody, I am at work writing this blog post, but that’s because it’s the only thing my computer will let me do. The internet doesn’t work. I can’t connect to the server, so I can’t access my files. If I call up IT, they will likely advise me to turn my computer off and on again. Why is that one of the most irritating pieces of advice ever given???

Why are we forced to watch that little circle turning round and round while the computer with its internal processor dual intelligence super-duper thingy works at a fraction of the speed of my brain, but then I can’t do any of my work unless it’s on this piece of trash!

Sorry to sound so annoyed, but this is getting beyond a joke! Handsome asked me yesterday what I would feel if I was out working in the fields all day on our farm. I responded that it would be paradise. To not have to rely on machines out of our control? Bliss.

They say robots will eventually take over the world. They say they will become more intelligent than humans. I say that they already have. Computers have taken over our lives to such an extent that we can’t do our normal daily jobs without them. If we have a power cut in our office that means the network goes down, we are all rendered impotent and incapable of further work until the systems come back online again. Yes, those of us that have laptops can continue to work on the residual laptop power, but without access to our files that we are told MUST be kept on the server, we hit impediments at every step. Our phones are run on the power line through the internet. When that’s goes down… WE ALL GO DOWN!!!

Our reliance on technology is mind-boggling and frightening. I was on skype to the lovely Sooz yesterday. We started on video, then the connection was so poor, we continued on voice only. It was only after the skype call had dropped for the millionth time that we wondered why we didn’t just call each other. We were actually skyping on our mobile phones. For once we were in the same country, so the phone call would be free. What a novel idea, we just called each other and then had a wonderful, uninterrupted phone call. That hasn’t happened to us in a few years!

When I got a land line installed in our new house, people acted like I was crazy. They all want to know why I can’t just use my cellphone whenever I want to make a call. Well, let’s be honest, cell phones don’t always work. If, like me, you have lived in Gabon, you know that land lines are not available and that the cell phone network barely works, especially internationally. Those are the days that you long for a landline, especially a landline that works, so that you can call home, or your friends, or your lover, without fear that your call will drop at any point and reconnection will not be possible. I can hear the uninitiated giving a huge cry that we should have used skype. Believe me, the internet didn’t work either!

I get so angry about things not working and I wonder why I can’t just roll with the punches. Everyone else seems to handle these little challenges with no problem, and everyone is sooooo relaxed! I just want to scream! But never fear… I have my blog therapy and I am so relaxed now I have told you all about it that I am ready to start again… Wish me luck people, my wrestling match with the computer starts again…

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