what’s the opposite of the midas touch..?

You have to roll with the punches, you have to take what life throws at you on the chin, but when life throws you curveball after curveball, you live your life waiting for the next crappy thing to happen and find it so hard to see the good stuff when it happens.

In the past 18 months, I’ve made some major life changing moves that not everyone would have the stomach for. When Handsome and I chose to move nearer to the girls, we knew it would be life changing again for both of us. We knew things would get harder, we knew our commute would be nasty, we knew it would test our relationship. But we also thought that we would finally be able to get some routine in our lives. We believed that it would bring an easier routine to Handsome’s kids’ lives.

We had no idea how quickly things could change again. This summer has been an absolute disaster. Epic! Calamitous! Stupendous Fail!

Handsome and I are still together. We are still happy. But everything around us turns to crap. What’s the opposite of the Midas touch? The crappy-das touch? That’s our life!

I can’t tell you everything that’s going on. It’s not my place to blog about the lives of others. But safe to say that almost everything in mine and Handsome’s personal lives are in complete turmoil!

We aren’t able to spend time in this new home of ours. We spend every weekend four hours north of our new home.

It seems very likely that in the immediate future, both of our commutes will change to two hours each way minimum, but we will be working in the opposite direction from each other (that’s four hours minimum per day people).

As part of my punishment for driving such long hours, I got in a car accident last week. Nothing broken. Nothing hurt except my ego and my bloomin’ car… $1,000 down… insurance still dithering about whether to pay…

And the refrigerator/freezer? Bust. Not working at all. Nothing to keep our beer cold in (or my Britkitch food). It’s a terrible thing. Just waiting for the bill to fix that one. It ain’t gonna be pretty…

And oh yes, let’s take the dog to the vet and get his shots… oh? He tests positive for lyme disease? Brilliant. So that’s $300 for the shots and you say we need a bunch more tests to see if the lyme disease is attacking his kidneys yet? Well sorry mate! We’re hands down in the most expensive month of our lives. We did just buy a house you know!

The dog, bless his heart, spends significant portions of his time alone. I’m thinking about giving him away. Through all of this, the neighbors are a magnificent support and comfort. They have looked after him while we are away. That much I can see is good. And they are probably the only reason we think the move was a good idea.

Anyway, this may go some way towards explaining why I am still quiet. Why my blogging has slowed to a trickle. The motivation to cook is only just returning, but I’m never home to do it, plus I don’t have cold storage anyway!

Oh, and best of all, my website stopped working two weeks ago and it was slow to load, if it would load at all. So I’m going to post this blog, but it may be that no one will be able to read it. There’s the crappy-das touch for you.


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