Cheesiest mustardy mash

I don’t know where I got my obsession with potatoes from, but I can’t stop craving them! Mashed, fried, chipped, roasted, baked… it doesn’t matter, I love them every way. Although I don’t adore them dauphinoised, I’ll still eat ’em that way! This mash recipe is excellent, and perfect with steak, or pork, or chicken. It’s a winner with everything actually. I love it with garlicky green beans too. Try grilling/broiling it with some cheese on top to add an extra depth of flavor. You have to try it…

cheesy mustard mash


One thought on “Cheesiest mustardy mash

  1. I tried these for our weekly Sunday supper and they were divine. The compliments just kept coming. This one is a keeper for sure. 🙂

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