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Well I do hope you will excuse my silence… If I tell you that for the past four weeks I have been driving up and down the countryside or packing up my house for the big move… I do hope you will forgive me…

The time is upon us and the start of the next chapter Chez Britkitch starts right here. We finally are moving from the teeny tiny house into something that isn’t quite the house of our dreams, but that is so much better for all concerned that it will be like moving to a beach house after living in an inner city slum… well, sort of…

For those of you that are interested, this is the house we are leaving:

Spring Street

I know what you will say… charming. And it was. It suited us very well for a year. But you can’t stay in a rental forever, right? And when you compare it to this…


We definitely found our happy place. And for this Brit? The kitchen definitely needed an upgrade. We are changing from dirty, old and small to clean, bright and big. I can feel the new kitchen inspiring me and I’m not even in there yet.

Handsome is going to transplant all his seedlings into new raised beds and we are hoping his crop of vegetables and herbs will keep us organically fed through the summer. And we will finally be able to get his hop plants into the ground, which means that next year we will be brewing beer with homegrown product… imagine that?

So this place is in a small country town and I’m getting inspired by that too. I always wanted to be that cook with the gingham curtained kitchen, boiling jams and churning butter. I get to do that now for real. Life’s good.

So, sorry for not stopping by for a while, and sorry, but I’m going to be busy for the next few days too, but once I’ve unpacked, I’ll be back in business. The British Kitchen will reopen and there’ll be a flux of summery goodness to experiment with.

I can’t wait… x

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