heavenly honeycomb…

Heavenly Honeycomb
Heavenly Honeycomb

My sweet tooth cooking obsession continues unabashed. I am uninspired by all things savoury and fascinated every time I see a recipe for something I have always wanted to be able to make myself. Nigella Lawson is the queen of the delicious forbidden treat and so on Friday I went and had a good root around in her recipes. Guess what I found? Brits will know immediately what it is when I say that I can now make the honeycomb out of crunchie chocolate bars. Americans will look perplexed, even if I tell them it’s what the Scots call… Hokey Pokey!

Well either way, this is a really easy and quick recipe, the most you will need is a saucepan, golden syrup, fine sugar and bicarbonate of soda. Magic and chemistry make this delicious sweets/candy.


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