Luscious lemony lentil salad

Handsome knows I love a bit of Gordon Ramsey. I don’t let him know how much, but believe me, it’s a lot… So he humors me by buying me Gordon’s cookbooks and I pore over them marking all the recipes I want to try first. This one came out almost number one from my Christmas gift book (Home Cooking). Handsome and I were looking for an alternative to rice or potatoes, but in the freezing cold of winter. This salad came up top trumps and we had it with my pork tenderloin with lemon and oregano and a big green salad. It was delicious and we had thirds of the lentil salad. I recommend you try it and put your variation on it depending on the flavors you love. The lentils just suck them up and if you give them a while to develop… your tongue will be rewarded… Gordson’s recipe included chives and a different proportion of ingredients. I prefer it my way (obviously) as there are more lentils, so more leftovers for next day lunch!



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