a lull in the tide…

Gosh I’m tired. Kind of exhausted actually. When life takes over and you run with it, you forget to stop and take a breath. We work hard, we play hard, we run from one event to the other. Even when we are on a relaxing night in a hotel, the pressure to have a good time can be unrelaxing in itself. The only true moment to myself I have had in the last few weeks is Saturday and Sunday morning, having breakfast for ten minutes each. Both times, I had good food, cooked by me, in the open air, reading something I wanted to read. And just for a second, I was able to forget that within five minutes I had to be on my way somewhere, or firing up the laptop to send some emails.

I know right? Boo hoo? Poor me? Not really. Being busy is good and it’s a great distraction when things are a bit tricky, but when it stops me doing what I want to do, i.e. cook, write blog posts, upload recipes, it’s kind of annoying. I uploaded a cupcakes recipe on here last week that received an unbelievable amount of hits, comments, shares, whatever. It inspired me. I got excited about the connection you can make to people with food. And honestly, it was the first time I had ever made cupcakes and they were damn good!

I don’t really like desserts, or cakes, or sweets/candy. I used to think that smoking so much had dulled my taste buds and removed my sweet tooth for good (I haven’t smoked in 18 months), but actually, I’m just a savory girl and I haven’t had much need before now to bake, because I didn’t want to eat the end result.

Well, the truth is that I want to be a well-rounded cook (metaphorically rather than physically people – jeeeeeeeez…), so I have been making cookies, sweet pies, cheesecakes, to see if I can and also because the folks at work kind of like it when I bring in a pile of sweet things to eat. And although I taste the end-result, I don’t want to eat ALL the end-result, so that’s good news for my ever expanding waistline.

So I have a hankering to make more cupcakes, maybe more alcoholic cupcakes. I have ideas in my head and I want the opportunity to try them out, but I just can’t find the time. The next couple of days will be jam packed, then the weekend is chock full of events, then we will be into the next working week. Then the following weekend I’m busy again. It’s true folks, I won’t be able to bake for… at least… THREE weeks!

Well, this lull in the tide is killer. I can’t stand the idea that I won’t be able to try out my recipes for that long. I obviously do have time after work to cook, but at the moment, Handsome and I are looking towards Spring and Summer and lighter more interesting food. Which is great, but actually I am trying new lighter recipes that don’t give me the opportunity to do anything else. Last night we had spicy turkey and zucchini burgers, fattoush, marinated cucumber salad and marinated beets. It was beyond delicious and I will get the recipes on here soon. But it sure did take some time to get all of that put together, not to mention the fantastic thirty minutes I spent wandering around Whole Foods gaining inspiration and abusing my wallet.

I’m so excited about everything in my future, both immediate and long term. I’m just fizzing over to get to try the next recipe, put up the next post, plant more vegetables, make more beer, start making wine, stuff my own sausage, make my own cheese. If only my pesky life would get out of the way! For now, I will have to accept that April will be a quiet time in my cooking and blogging life, because let’s be honest, most of the things I have to do are more important than my hobbies. Plus I do get to cook every day, just not necessarily new and exciting things. And if I don’t get to share my recipes and thoughts until next month, so be it… sigh…

2 thoughts on “a lull in the tide…

  1. Let me say, I just found your blog and I am in love with you already! You have a keen sense of who you are and I love that. I am rooting for you to stay on the sweet side more often and apparently I have just learned that booze and sweets go hand in hand. Especially with cakes and cupcakes. I am so looking forward to your future recipes on the “dulce vida”. I am a fan! Have a great week.

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