BBQ baby back rib enhancers…

Cooked right, you could leave your baby back ribs unflavored and still end up with juicy, fall off the rib amazingness that it’s hard to beat. Cover the meat in a dry spicy rub and you have a lip smacking tongue sizzling treat for your tastebuds. Cover it in a wet reduced mixture of amazing spices and sugars and you’ll be sucking your fingers long after the ribs are gone. I can’t decide between these two. Handsome likes the dry, I like the wet. We both want to eat them concurrently so we get the pleasure of them side by side. So cut your slab of ribs in half and cook half one way and the other in the wet. Follow these instructions and your ribs will be juicy, tender and heart warming every time. Good luck!

Recipe – Spicy dry rub for ribs…


Recipe – Wet whiskey sauce for ribs…


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