a mother’s censure…

Yesterday, my Mum told me off for writing on my blog that I don’t like my job much. She told me I have to take that blog post down, in case I get fired. Seriously? I think I should start off by saying that my blog is supposed to be an honest and true representation of how I feel at the moment, tales about what is happening in my weird and wonderful life, and a little glimpse into my dreams and aspirations. I already moderate what I say on here, I have to be careful about peoples’ feelings and I don’t much like naming people, because this is my blog, not theirs. Therefore, the only thing I can really be honest about is the way I feel, the way things affect ME and the ups and downs I have on a day to day basis.

Would anyone want to read a blog by another who hid half of themselves and who moderated what they said for fear of offending others? And is there any point in writing a blog about your life, but only talking about parts of it that would be palatable to others? This blog is about ME. It may be boring, stupid, ignorant, unpleasant, pointless, illiterate, offensive, even anarchical (yeah right), but it is my words, about the way I feel at any one given time and I don’t want to have to muzzle myself.

Just saying that already inspires feelings in me that I didn’t know existed… Free Speech… Isn’t there some amendment here that is the foundation of American Civilization? If my employer sacked me for writing this blog and I wanted to sue them, couldn’t I cite free speech as my mitigating factor? We’re getting away from ourselves, because the point is, I haven’t named my employer, and if my Mum read the other posts on my blog she would see all the nice things I have to say about my work. I am not defaming my employer and if I say in one post that I really don’t like my job, it’s really not the end of the world, because who on earth does?

If you are one of those lucky few who can’t wait to get up in the morning and start work, well I envy you and I don’t envy you. That used to be me. It was certainly true when I worked in London and Qatar for this company, but that feeling subsided a bit in Gabon and now I am here, it’s a bit boring to be honest. Before this company, I had never worked anywhere longer than 18 months, and there’s a reason for that. I, unfortunately, am easily bored and I am bored in this job. However, the reason I have worked in this company for eight years is the opportunities it gives me to work on different projects, in different countries and continents. I may be bored now, but the exciting thing about this work is the opportunities that will arise when you are least expecting them. One day I was working in Qatar with no expectations and one week later I was on a plane bound for Africa. That is this life… Yes, this is the company that has employed me on four of the five continents I have worked on and I could not be more grateful for that.

Plus, I am beyond delighted that I get to work in a job for a while that does NOT take up every moment of my waking thoughts. I’m okay with being bored if it means that outside of work, I am free to pursue my other hobbies.

There are many things that are difficult about my life, but work, this blog, cooking and Handsome are what makes the rest of it bearable. So yes Mum, I’m sorry if you think I will be fired for what I wrote about work, but maybe if they also read this post, they’ll forgive me and put off firing me until they find out what I did yesterday… ssssshhh…

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