Chardonnay cupcakes

I am a HUGE fan of any food that includes alcohol. Not because I’m a drunk, oh no! But because I think that alcohol and food pairings are like culinary alchemy and I like to be the wizard in charge. Any time I see a likely looking recipe I want to go straight home and cook it and I happened to see this recipe for cupcakes on a day I was going to a birthday party. Divine intervention methinks! Especially as I knew the party in question would involve lots of white wine, so why not bring Chardonnay cupcakes?

I really enjoy surfing through other cooking blogs and the first place I always look is the latest blog post, then the recipes. Lucky for me the two were combined in this case. I happened upon Katie Arkenberg’s blog via twitter and I  suggest you all take a look at her blog, And if you get the chance, make these cupcakes, they are delicious, and most important of all… everyone loves them!



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