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I make no secret of the fact that I don’t much like my job at the moment. It’s not my company’s fault, it’s not my bosses’ fault, I just don’t feel a special passion about any of the work I am doing and as I develop my interests in cooking, as I develop a network of like minded cooks, bloggers and foodies, I find that my thoughts turn more and more to that every moment and further and further away from the job I’m paid for. 

If I’m honest, there’s not to much to get excited about in the corporate head office of a large construction engineering firm. Life on a construction project is a fast paced whirl of a job, but the churn of minutiae in the head office is spirit crushingly dull. There’s none of the joy that comes with actually building something, with actually seeing foundations go down, walls go up and the finishes being installed. Instead there’s a lot of talk about what ifs, could bes and the bottom line. Yup, not too interesting.

But with cooking, as almost everyone knows, there is a fantastic satisfaction to merging ingredients in such a way that the end product is an absolute delight, an eye watering, sweet smelling, pan sizzling, crispy feeling and fantastic tasting teat for all the senses. Is there anything else in life where we can give pleasure to every one of our senses? I am just astonished that everyone in this world does not feel the same way about cooking as I do.

Like all starting bloggers, who get a taste for what it could be like to think about your passion all day long and who’s creativity is just nudging its way to the forefront of everything I do, I am already wondering how I could turn this passion into a full time career. I see new friends on social media who are paid to write blog posts, who are writing cookbooks, who have stands at the local farmers markets, who’s job it is to test recipes for famous chefs before their books are published. I am finding out about jobs that I never even knew existed.

If I think about it carefully, many of these people did not have jobs though when they started, they were often stay at home mums with time on their hands to develop their passions. I have a well paid job right now. It’s a real leap to pack that in and jump in to the next thing with no way of knowing if it will be successful. Most people would leave their job to start a business in something they have already proven experience in. My pipe dream would be to completely switch careers and hope for the best!

Nope, it’s not something I can do. There would have to be a guaranteed return on my next move and that of course is impossible to guarantee. So I remain in this bizarre half life, working full time in a crappy job, spending a small amount of time on the thing I’m really passionate about and dreaming of making my part time hobby my full time job.

I know my chance will come. The fact that I’m even thinking about it means I will make it happen eventually. I will increase my network, I will float my ideas around, I will share my passions. And you know what? Good things happen to good people. I will think happy and positive thoughts and I will let good things happen to me. And I will devote more of my outside work time to my passion, a little more every day, until I get the big idea, or work out how to make my big dream my even bigger reality.

2 thoughts on “a brighter future…

  1. You will love out your dream! Just putting it out there makes you brave and gives others the opportunity to reach their dreams!

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