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This morning I could barely drag myself out of bed and I seriously considered calling in sick, or at least having a lie in and then going in a bit late. For the past several nights, I have woken up at 3am and not been able to get back to sleep. Handsome and me have got a lot going on. We’re putting an offer in on a house, both of our jobs are giving us grief, our family situations are less than perfect, even our friends have a lot of drama at the moment, which is all combining to make sleepless nights. And it’s the worst kind, when you get back to sleep ten minutes before the alarm goes off and then it feels like you are being dragged out of the deepest sleep. Not good. We are knackered.

The good news is that we are both glass half full people and even though we are tired, somewhat grumpy, and trying not to let the world get us down, we can always see the positive and we have so much to look forward to that this Monday is not one filled with the “tell me why I don’t like Mondays” song, but more of that Singing In The Rain great “Good morning, good Moooooooorning”. Yes, I am THAT annoying person…

Despite everything that is going on right now, we see the fantastic opportunities in our immediate future. One of the things I have written on here about before is that it’s far too easy to give all of your time and energy to work and let the important things slide. The biggest problem most of us face these days is juggling all the commitments we have and ensuring we leave enough time for sleep. So if that is true, how can we possibly find the time for the things that we really love and that really interests us, our hobbies?

It should be obvious that I have suddenly started to give a lot of energy to my hobby, cooking. Part of the reason I started this blog is so that I was forced to do what I want. I want to cook, I want to talk about it. I want to pass on my recipes. I want people to cook my recipes. But that isn’t where my passion ends. I want to grow my own food. I want to make all of my food from scratch.

Sometimes I think me and Handsome were made for each other. As he sits there talking to his seedlings, cooing at them, willing them to grow with his words and gentle kindness, I marvel that I found this patient man who wants to grow the food that I will cook. And the house that we are trying to buy has a big basement. Handsome isn’t the kind of man that wants a man cave, he’s the kind of man that wants the basement to be the place that all our produce gets aged, or matured, or fermented.

You know, the “from scratch” movement, that I have joined but don’t really know anything about, has me hooked, from making your own butter, to making your own wine, to keeping a cow and sheep in your back yard. Handsome and I have talked a lot about that lately, about how difficult it would be to keep your own livestock, including chickens of course, but since we are going to spend half the week in the country, and half the week in the city (stupid work!) we are concerned that the livestock won’t care for itself for four nights and five days in our absence… (stupid work!).

So the other day, Handsome proves again how right he is for me. I know he wants to make his own beer, he talks about it a lot, but for the first time last week, he talks about his passion for making his own sausage and cheese making. This blows my mind! I never want to get too far ahead of myself. And I’m frequently embarrassed about my ardor for things that I think other people see as a bit hippy-ish, and then my wonderful boyfriend takes my lunacy even further. Sausage making! Cheese making! YES! I’m in. We have bought the books. We read about it all weekend. Today, I have new gifts arriving for Handsome, which will enable him to start to turn his dreams into reality.

That’s right folks… today… the brew at home kit arrives…

And today… the home cheese making kit arrives…

It’s a surprise, but I can put it on here because he’s so busy during the day he won’t be able to read this until later… He knows the brew kit is coming, although he doesn’t know I bought him the good one. But he doesn’t know about the cheese. The one I got is the make your own mozzarella in 30 minutes. Handsome loves mozzarella. He adores fresh mozzarella. Imagine his excitement at being able to eat mozzarella he made himself, tonight!

And as for the brew-kit, well that will take a while to start producing beer that he can drink, but he will be able to start the process. And that’s half the battle, right? We need to actively pursue our dreams. He needs to start the beer making process, then he can sit back and let it happen.

So, back to the start of the blog post. We aren’t getting enough sleep. There are significant stressors in our lives at the moment. Frankly who cares? So if I wake up at 3am tomorrow morning and can’t get back to sleep? Maybe it will be because I am thinking about big stinky blocks of cheese that I have made myself. Or maybe Handsome will be thinking about the fact that he should have turned the beer bucket 90 degrees and hoping the vat doesn’t explode! Life can be pretty crappy, but it’s up to you to include things in your life that turn crappy to happy. Lecture over x


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