giving the gift of food…

It’s Handsome’s brother’s birthday tomorrow and one of our favorite things about the brother in question and his lovely wife is their shared interest in food. They are very interesting to me, as they love to eat out and they are the type of people who will find a favorite place and then visit it again and again.

It’s embarassing for me to admit it, but I hate eating out, mainly (don’t hate me please), because I like the food I cook better than the food I eat out, so I hate paying for it… In some ways, that takes the fun out of eating out for us, but one of the reasons I have enjoyed travelling so much, is that I’m not adverse to going out looking for food that is better than my own, and new locations gives me new places to try.

But I digress, back to topic! Handsome’s brother and his wife are easy to buy for, because they are foodies, and they love trying new foods. Handsome and his brother also like buying clothes for each other, so with that angle covered, gift wise, we cast around for other options to add to the gift bag. We were discussing this as we walked around Wegmans (an upmarket US grocery store) and there were lots of options for cool gift ideas that Handsome was adding to our basket. And then I said to him, why would we pay that for something we can make ourselves? And it’s not because I’m cheap, honest… but why would we pay for some supermarket item full of preservatives, wen we can make a homemade delicious version that we have created with love?

So we bought the ingredients (far more expensive than the individual shop made item), some presentable storage jars, and went home with a spring in our step for new gift ideas and something for Handsome to do while I made the dinner.

The result of his endeavours was delicious and the only unfortunate thing, was that there was none spare for us to try later, but we can make it again. I will put the recipe on here the day after tomorrow, when he has opened the gift!

And as for the idea of giving homemade delicious gifts, it’s not something I haven’t tried before, but I had the day off today, so I decided to go to the local craft store to see if I could find any cool ideas for how to present my future gifts. I found them in the scrap booking section, but there were cool stamps, cards, string etcand I also found some baskets which will look better than the average gift bag. I will put the photo on here tomorrow too!

Jamaican Jerk Marinade!

Jamaican jerk marinade

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