breadmaking… some success and some more failures…

I have finally had some success with bread. The breadmaking machine instructions book had two recipes that I have found work every time, as long as I’m not making it for a special occasion, in which case, I repeat my epic fails!

I have even been able to modify the ingredients, without impacting the outcome, which is the biggest win, that I think I deserve a Winter Olympics gold medal for, or maybe I’ll just reward myself with a glass of wine… whatever!

Nothing ever comes easy though, and I am now producing reliably great bread, but I have no idea how to cut it in slices good enough for sandwiches. Is it wrong that I’m making bread that’s better than what you can get in the store, but that I wish I could take the bread in for them to slice it?

I just looked it up and hilariously, you can buy bread slicers for under 20 bucks, but they’re not the type I need, just a guide to show you where to slice. And actually, it seems like you can buy all the tools you need to slice read at home, but doesn’t it feel like something you should be able to do yourself, without ripping off big chunks of bread at the side, or cutting it unevenly and ending up with one side which is half a centimeter and the other side at 3 centimeters? Well, not in my house!

Luckily, I have lots of other uses for the bread I am making that don’t call for perfect sandwich slices, like ripping off pieces of Italian herb bread and dunking them in a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or cutting a thick slice of my multigrain wholewheat bread and grilling it with thick slabs of cheese on top, to have with my tomato soup.

If I don’t stop eating it soon, I will be the size of a house, but it’s difficult in the face of such success after the ciabatta disaster not to make it over and over again, just to prove I can… Recipes below and I promise to try some other types soon…

Wholegrain honey bread

Italian herb bread

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