dinner party tales… cancellation # 2…

Oh dear, we had to cancel for the second time. Eagle eyed readers will remember that this was planned for 2 weeks ago, but two of the guests came down with a nasty stomach flu that we didn’t want to spread around. So we rescheduled for tonight, thinking that we could give it a bit of a valentines theme and do some heart shaped whatever or some red roses or something.

Well I made the Thai curry pastes, one red and one green and they looked and smelled awesome, so much better than the naff jars of paste you can buy. And I made the flourless chocolate cake and I knew from experience that it was going to be exquisite, like a delicious chocolate truffle. And Handsome made the gin and tonic sorbet and it was waiting in the freezer like some fluffy cloud in heaven. And then in rolled the snow storm to end all snowstorms. Worst storm in 20 years they cried, up to a foot of snow expected they wailed. And they were right, in it came and the snow drifts were over the bottom of the car door and when I walked the dog, the snow came up over my knee high boots.

Not an auspicious start and not the kind of weather you want to encourage your work colleagues to come out in. By lunchtime, we had cancelled again. Bah humbug. That’s a pile of Thai curry paste, flourless chocolate cake and gin and tonic sorbet gone to waste again. At one point I considered giving it away to the neighbours, then panicked it wouldn’t taste good. I might take it round to Handsome’s brother tomorrow as we are going out of town.

So no photos, no recipes just yet, just the unfulfilled promise of bonhomie and conviviality that will have to wait another two weeks to commence. In truth, this may become the most hotly anticipated dinner party ever, with scores of people around the world tuning into my blog to see if it actually happens… Or not… A girl can dream…

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