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I’m sure everyone has this, but when I think of friends, I often think of the food we made or enjoyed together. I am such a creature of routine, that when I think of a friend, I will think of a meal that we made and ate together over and over again, because it brought us together, required no thought as we were making it and was enjoyed as one of the things we liked about each other and had in common.

Tonight I made myself pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce. I had no idea that there is a significant portion of the world that don’t make every meal from scratch. I thought that everyone could buy some fresh vegetables, garlic and tinned tomatoes (yes, even I can’t grow my own tomatoes in an East Coast Winter) and throw them together to make a fresh, delicious, healthy supper in minutes.

I’m told that most people would boil up the pasta and throw a jar of ready made sauce on, but if I consider the expense, the hidden sugar, chemicals, salt etc, why would you not make it yourself? Anyway, lecture over, because I started this off thinking about the person with whom I made my first meals from scratch, my best friend Cere.

Cere and I met at Sixth Form College. She came from the local comprehensive school, I came from a private girls school that I had been desperate to escape from. She and I had grown up less than five miles apart, but our beginnings had been somewhat different, although not entirely, because we had the same interests, the same sense of humour and the same shyness with a contradictory urge to get out there, meet people and find something else. But worst of all, we neither of us had much confidence, but we found we had loads when we were together.

So that confidence when we were together lead to us spending every possible moment together and we went around as a pair that was hard to split up. It insulted our previous friends, but it didn’t matter because we didn’t need other people, now we had found each other.

Food and drink wise, we loved three things, pasta with fresh vegetable sauce, crisps (salt and vinegar please) and lager. And honestly, that’s all we really ate and drank for a couple of years! In that time, I dated her brother, she kissed my brother, we came into our own as young women and when I was 20 and she was 18, I moved away to college and the friendship slowed, but has never really gone away. We will see or speak to each other every couple of years and even though I missed her wedding and she has missed significant events in my life, we will always be there for the other, if needed. You can’t break bonds that are made at that age. And we know stuff about each other that we will take to the grave!

Anyway, you will all be sick of my tale of Cere, but the other day she sent me a catch up note on Facebook and it reminded me of our hungover days, and our total lack of money, but the one thing that was always in the fridge was courgettes (zucchini), onions and mushrooms, and there were always tins of tomatoes in the cupboards.

So you will find the link to the recipe below. I am making it tonight and I am toasting my friend Cere, who I love and miss, and who I know that I don’t talk to or see enough.

Pasta with tomatoes and vegetables
Pasta with tomatoes and vegetables

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