dinner party with blood and new friendships…

Well the dinner party we had yesterday was a raging success, in all ways… erm, with the following exceptions:

  • 6 year old boy with bloody nose was a show stopper – apparently pillow fights can be dangerous!
  • 5 kids in the teeny tiny house is extremely disruptive and distracting. You can be as prepared as you like, and have done as much in advance as possible, but when you are trying to serve up boiling hot food, and you have a 7 year old jumping on your back and another 7 year old singing loudly about Monster High and other kids demanding food that is not on the menu (AGAIN, in a TEENY TINY house…) all organisation goes out the window and you become a useless sponge brain, which leads to…
  • I forgot to take any bloody photos for this blog!

I must be the stupidest person in the world. Friday, start blog and talk about the dinner party on Sunday, plan the menu, work out the recipes, plan the photos to support them… then totally forget about it in the heat and fun of actually giving a party. As they would say on Only Fools and Horses: “what a plonker!”

In some ways, it doesn’t matter. The party was a great success, everyone had a lovely time. Everyone ate plenty of food, drunk the appropriate amounts of whatever and went home happy. And the whole point of the party was to introduce two little 7 year olds to each other, in the hopes of a new found friendship. Which miraculously happened. Like best friends instantly. So sometimes things work out exactly how you planned, except the bloomin’ photos for the blog.

As for the food, everything went to plan, and as usual, the roast potatoes stole the show. I have no idea why I ever bother cooking anything else. That’s all people ever want is my roast potatoes, and they eat them until there’s none left. So that will be the next recipe I put on here. Oh, and the Italian Herb Bread, which was also a total winner.

I’ll say the same thing in general for all of my recipes, the longer you cook it, the better it will get. It’s true for the potatoes (yesterday they cooked for 3 hours) and for the bread (after it had baked in the bread machine, I put it in the oven for another 30 mins, which meant it got a lovely crust on it, which considering the parmesan in it only made it more delicious…).

They say patience is a virtue… well in my world, patience gets you crispier roast potatoes, better bread, and richer sauce…

You know those people that can wait until Christmas or their birthday to open presents?That’s me, I never want to do it early. I want the delicious satisfaction of waiting before I enjoy what I know is coming. Waiting makes it even better. Which is probably why roast dinners are one of my favorites. You wait 3 hours for it all to cook, as delicious smells circulate the house, making you hungrier and hungrier! And then you get to eat it all in about 5 seconds flat! Recipes from the dinner party to follow…

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