dinner party tales…

I can’t help it. I love a good dinner party, especially the ones I host myself. There’s something about cooking for just me and Handsome that doesn’t quite satisfy the exhibitionist in me. I want to cook large quantities of food, for large quantities of people, and I want them to love my food and enjoy the convivial atmosphere that we offer. Backpacking around Australia, I cooked for anyone that would let me. In the ME, I would have folks round to dinner all the time. Most were young people away from home that never cooked for themselves, and certainly not on any grand scale. In Gabon, I’m not sure what happened, I think it was sharing with my friend MishMash and the size of our apartment, but we would do sit down dinners for 20-25 people, always for an occasion like Easter or Christmas, but when I think of the scale of it, using 4 different ovens and running up and down stairs to them, and the expense! It was craziness! But I would do it all again in a shot…

And here? Well, let’s be honest, we don’t have a lot of friends yet, we have only been in the area a year and a lot of our time is taken up with work and Handsome’s kids, but we have found time to have over all of our close friends, plus the Handsome sibling and his wife, and a lovely family dinner party for Handsome’s birthday. So I am getting to make new recipes and try new things that I wouldn’t necessarily try just for me and Handsome.

And in the next week, we are having two dinner parties, one for my work friends and one for his… for my work friends, we are also having some kids over and Handsome’s kids are here for the weekend. So it will be a REALLY full house. And just so you know, the house is small.  See my separate blogs on getting ready for and recipes used for each party.

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